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What Weather App is Decent?

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I use a weather app to help me plan for a ride.

I am wondering if my weather app info and display-Weather Underground (WU)-has become mediocre.
I am a meteorology nerd, and happily had WU for years.

Lately I’m finding it to be about the same as the casual user type weather apps. There are so many. Some even if you pay, are mediocre. Made that mistake.

I prefer a radar display that is up to the minute, not a computer model or 20 minutes old. I like temperature/rain information for planning near where I ride-not from a random reporting station miles away.

The apps that give forecast like 100% chance of rain for the entire day, but further fine tuning on my part shows that 100% exists at 1130 pm, are silly.

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I step in the yard and look at the sky, feel the temp and wind, and then make a WAG on what the day is gonna bring. Just like the weathermen I grew up watching.

Although this yardstick is often fraught with unforeseen issues.
I live in a city so would need to use the Weather Pavement.

I've never heard of a weather rock, but I have seen wind chains.

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Look out the window, step out the door, look at the sky, horizons, flags and trees. Feel the wind, humidity and temperature on your skin. If it's overcast, can you smell or feel rain coming? Move from sun to shade, feel a difference?

That's quite a lot of information gotten in short order, and if it changes, pretty much the worst that will happen is you'll get wet or cold or sweaty, or some combination of those.

All good, enjoy life, tell stories.
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