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What Weather App is Decent?

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I use a weather app to help me plan for a ride.

I am wondering if my weather app info and display-Weather Underground (WU)-has become mediocre.
I am a meteorology nerd, and happily had WU for years.

Lately I’m finding it to be about the same as the casual user type weather apps. There are so many. Some even if you pay, are mediocre. Made that mistake.

I prefer a radar display that is up to the minute, not a computer model or 20 minutes old. I like temperature/rain information for planning near where I ride-not from a random reporting station miles away.

The apps that give forecast like 100% chance of rain for the entire day, but further fine tuning on my part shows that 100% exists at 1130 pm, are silly.

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I go to the weather channel's on my desktop to check the hour-by-hour temperature and wind speed/direction
the weather channel’s app shows an arrow in the direction the wind is blowing in their hourly forecast. This has been by far the most valuable weather feature for me. The direction and wind speed are generally accurate enough with the hourly forecast going out 48hrs. The daily forecast is hit or miss so I use it mostly for temperature expectations then plan routes according to the wind within 48hrs of a ride. The app’s loading speed and ‘future radar’ are trash though.

Yesterday I planned myself a route to meet my wife and kids at my sons soccer game. Most of it was with the wind at my back. I’ve never done so many miles at around 30mph and only 250w 😂
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