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Used to be that wheels were easy. Not interested in spending excess money, don't mind building them up myself. Somewhat interested in being able to maintain, replace spokes, rebuild if required.

165 lb road rider, fairly stiff riding Wilier carbon frame, roads from OK to broken pavement & very rough - probably equiv to decent city cobblestones, plenty of climbs and hard cornering descents. Need to run 23 mm tires for clearance. Campy 10 spd system.

Current wheels run harsh in front, OK in rear. 28 spoke Richey "Zero" hubs with Ritchey "Aero" rims 2006, 3x rear, radial F, looks like 2 mm spokes. Cup & cone primitive bears, 3 pawl. Very stiff & true for cheapies, but that front wheel is very harsh on the rough stuff. Have had the freehub failing to run free. Pulled all apart last night and relubed. Still feels like junk, but sounds a bit better with fresh lube.

Back in the day, I'd have been running 32 h 3x to box section rims, probably with 14/16 gauge butted spokes. I'm not up on modern wheels.

1. Are those Ritchey wheels any good?
2. I could just rebuild the front 3x to match the back
3. I could buy some eBay rebuildable wheels
4. I could buy some eBay proprietary wheels ( make me a little nervous about repair)

I'm just not sure if these wheels are very good. My wife's DA-3x-open pro seem much much nicer. Suggestions?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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