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Who needs a map?
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brucew said:
I also recognize that bike path along the railroad. I was flabbergasted that cars actually stop--sometimes even without pushing the button. At first, I thought they were trying to lull me into a false sense of security before mowing me down. But no, it seemed consistent and friendly.

I learned not to stop for a rest, a drink, take in the view, or to consult the map at an intersection. Some motorist would come along, stop and wait for me to cross. Very strange. Nice, but strange.
I was riding in Winter Park, CO a few years ago and the cars were almost dangerous in their zeal to yield to the bikes. I stopped in the near vicinity of a cross walk just to look around and a car slammed on its brakes. I went ahead and crossed even though I didn't need to just because I felt obliged at that point!
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