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llama31 said:
Occasionally you get a glimpse of the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains, Longs Peak and Mount Meeker in this case.

On the bikes paths, most of the intersections with roads have dedicated signals for cyclist to cross--push a button and the car traffic gets a flashing light to yield to cylcists/pedestrians. And most people obey it.
I rode out your way two summers ago. I can never remember which peak is Longs and which is Meeker. Which is which?

I also recognize that bike path along the railroad. I was flabbergasted that cars actually stop--sometimes even without pushing the button. At first, I thought they were trying to lull me into a false sense of security before mowing me down. But no, it seemed consistent and friendly.

I learned not to stop for a rest, a drink, take in the view, or to consult the map at an intersection. Some motorist would come along, stop and wait for me to cross. Very strange. Nice, but strange.

Do you ever ride the the Club Hypoxia crew?

Anyway, thanks for refreshing my memory of the place. I have to get out there again.
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