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I have a short TT coming up, 10k, and I don't have a set of TT wheels. I have two sets that I can use which are:

- a set of Am Classic Sprint 350 (1898 grams w/ tires/tubes/magnet and skewers)
and a mixed and matched set of
- Ksyrium Elite Rear / Cosmic Elite front (2859 grams w/ same as above)

The difference in weight is huge but the reason I'm asking is because although there's a obvious weight difference I was wondering if having fewer spoke count AND aero spokes would more than make up for it?

The Am Classic has a cone shaped rim (24mm) but so does the Cosmic Elite (30mm) although it's a bit deeper, however the ksyrium rear is boxed.

What do you guys think?? weight vs aero...
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