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Last year I bought a pair of custom built wheels. I bought them from Lyle at SpinLiteCycling. They came highly recommended from riders I know that have had wheels built by him. He did a great job. Here's the specs.

Dura Ace hubs
Velocity Aerohead rims 28 front, 32 rear
Sapim race spokes 14/15 gauge front, 14/15 drive side rear, 14/17 non drive side rear
brass nipples

I had some bad luck on some rides. I was in a pace line when the lead rider didn't call out a huge pot hole. I cleared the pothole with the front wheel but hit it with the back. It put a small flat spot on the rim and my local LBS was only able to get the wheel to about 99% true.
A few months later a hit a rock on a decent with my front wheel. It took a small nick out of the front rim but the rim remained true. I filed the nick down so it wasn't rubbing against the brake pads. This one is all cosmetic.

Anyway, I contacted SpinLiteCycling about rebuilding them with new rims but I would have to pay shipping to and from York, PA to Georgia. In all it would be an additional $40 added to the cost of the rebuild and new rims. Plus I would have to endure the additional wait that shipping would add. I want to see if I can have one of the LBS rebuild the wheels but I'm not sure if I trust them. Can anyone give me some tips on how to qualify wether someone knows what there doing when it comes to building wheels.
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