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shayne said:
My Lemond came with Bontrager Selects. After 2700 miles, the rear rim has cracks around the drive side spokes. I guess that I should be happey I got that much out of them since the spoke count is 24/20 and I weigh 240.

I've ordered a replacement wheel set from Mike Garcia. He using Velocity Areohead rims (32/32), Speedcific hubs and 2 or 3 different kinds DT spokes. Mike says they should come in around 1610 grams. The Bontrager web site says the Selects weight 1890 gr. I don't know if these weights include the tape and skewers or not.

My question is. What kind of difference will I feel when riding with the new wheels? Is this enough of a weight difference to even notice?

thanks for any input.
I'm sure that Mike's wheels will be a whole lot better for you. They sound lke the classic, more lighter gauge spokes are better fewer heavy spokes. You'll find the wheels a joy to ride!

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