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I had an old set of 26" mtn wheels that were built with Chris King's universal hubs. I don't ride 26" wheels anymore and they didn't get much love on eghey so I'm trying to figure out how I can get some use out of them. I've put together a couple sets of wheels but they were pretty standard road hub/road rim builds so honestly there wasn't much advanced wheelbuilding theory involved.

I'm thinking I can buy a shorter end cap from King to respace them to 130mm and I've sent an email to CK just to verify. I'm just wondering if the #'s would be suitable for a road wheelset. Since these are disc compatible the flanges are a little narrower than a standard wheel.

I adjusted the flange to center numbers on the rear to account for respacing and entered some numbers into Spokecalc to see how it would look. Assuming 3x, both front and rear would have bracing angles of around 4.5% and 6.2% and the R/L tension ratio is 73 and 75%.

Would you build and ride those numbers? Or would you throw them back in the rainy day spare parts bin?
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