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For next season I'll get some new racing/dressed up hoops for my Bianchi Infinito. I ride a mixture of long distance double paceline team time trials and shorter hillier races, and try to get in a mountainous week in Europe for a husband only holiday :thumbsup: as well during the season.

Today I use 1st generation steel spoked Campagnolo Eurus clincers, and am rather impressed with their sturdiness and bearing quality.
I'm 75 kg (165 lb for those of you who don't know The Rules).

The shortslist is divided and includes:
Aluminium clincers: HED Ardennes, Zipp 101, Campagnolo Shamal, Fulcrum Racing Zero
Carbon Tubulars: Zipp 202 and 303, Corima Winium+ and Aero+, Campagnolo Hyperion

I will not consider anyting from Mavic (seen to many disintegrating Ksyriums) or Shimano (No fishing gear on my bike, thanks), and I don't like colors that clash with Celeste...

Do anybody in here know the Corimas?
Are there other wheels I should consider?
Comments to the other ones on the list?

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