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Dear wheelsuckers, freds, people who want to draft. Please let yourself be known if you are going to hang 2 inches off my rear tire. While I might hear you back there it is always nice to ask if you can barrow the 17 % less effort you are going to have to make by being behind me. Also it could potentially keep a crash from happening when I have to turn my head to see who is there. Just a simple "Howdy I am going to stay behind you for a while" will do. Thanks!
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You're kidding arent you?

I started reading this thread which 'was about a newbie (rather confidently) discussing what she found on a 2000+ charity ride and somehow we are now onto race etiquette?

What were you expecting on a charity ride? Who would know anything about race etiquette?

It was a frigging charity ride?

We do a number of charity rides and it never cease to amaze me how the would be 'pro' shows up using it to show off how they good they are...your riding against famlies, weekend warriors, casual riders out for a nice day out...not the tour de france.

And what can you even use a term like breakaway in a charity event?

Dont say you use it as a training can you?

In experienced riders everywhere, so you wont be able to keep a strong pace, hills are slowed by groups struggling up them, so why not just enjoy the day out on your bike.

In a 2000 strong group, how can you differentiate the chubby rider who is drafting you as opposed to someone just trying to keep up?

So is the slower rider to either side and in front slowing down the pace so you use up valuable energy, to wear you out and beat you to the finish?

Half of them wouldnt know drafting and its benefits if they tripped over it. As for accidents, what do you expect.

Our last charity event saw a number of accidents. Guess who by? Show off wannabe pro's going downhill at speed (over the speed limit designated) and crashing....once again its a casual cycling event.

Gees, it's a frigging charity event..what the hell did you expect?

Im an elite athlete in another sport....I use my cycling for pure fitness..& fun.....never ceases to amaze me true professionals don't need to tell everyone how fabulous they are...the proof is in the results.

Camillo I have to agree with your original reply. A newbie criticising weekenders enjoying themselves in a charity event.

Crossed chain, you arent the chick who went flying past me in the ride and then I saw walking her bike up the hills... and then sitting down having a break...and coming home an hour after everyone else?

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"When somebody participates in dangerous activities around me....I don't want them around me....How hard is this to comprehend? Wheelsuckers are just that, dangerous riders. They are going at speeds they don't normally ride, they generally are sucking wheel because they are tired (hence mistakes are made), they generally are inexperienced pack riders who don't know hand signals, how to call out objects and tend to follow too close and cross wheels."

Wookie, what did you expect riding when riding with inexperienced people?

what worries me is, if youre so fast and so good, how do these people even get onto your wheel in the first place?

I dot know too many weekenders who can travel at your speed?

Chill bud...Im sure you're a star in racing :rolleyes:
Wookie u didnt have to tell me..u hinted enough.....TT, recovery ride, know all the terms....think google is your friend.

keep up the good work...the world needs more people like you. But dont let me tell you that..Im sure you tell yourself all the time.

Thanks for the heads up about spell check...Im a better person now that YOU told me.

Im going out on my bike now....I'm going out hunting to draft someone....might be you wookie on a recovery ride.

Happy happy joy joy
What have you accomplished? You lost weight?

Well good for you?

You went on a recovery ride and blew someone off? Im amazed!

As the last poster said, its the attitude bud.
Funny how you keep justifying your actions?

I've been winding you up now for days and you just keep biting.

Oh, some free advice...."what some people call arrogance..others call confidence".

Studies show justifying your actions usually highlights a persons' need to feel respected and that they somehow contribute to life in some matter how minor it is'

Dont bite ... it has been fun!

Got to go ride my team of showjumping horses.

Off to Netherlands for July - Sept. Competing there. Do you compete at a national & international level Wookie?

Oops did I hint then? ... I guess I could have just made that up too. :thumbsup:
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Tschai I agree.

Don't bother trying to explain to him, he doesn't get it.

:thumbsup: :mad2: :D
Post Studies?

Why would I need just proved my point.

Have a great day.


You are just too can't be that dumb can you.

Ok, ok you have the last word...:rolleyes:'re right...this is fun!

Wookie you support the quote from crosschained right?

"But those guys didn't worry me near as much as all the fatties plodding along on their mountain bikes... I'll take a wheelsucker over an idiot rider any day."

I'm going with "Cross Chained" on this one and I'm an experienced rider.

Call me an arrogant roadie prick"

What I dont understand is....

at 1/01/08 - 234.8 pounds...( as you have highlighted)

Weren?t you a FATTIE?

Sheesh now you a skinnier arrogant prick....:mad2:
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BTW idiot....if you actually looked at my signature....1/23/07 I was 285.6 pounds...hence the comment that I've lost "100 pounds" (again reading comprehension escapes you) and yes I was a fattie (before/after pictures have been posted under the racing/training forum), who rode himself into shape and about 10% body fat in 18 months.

But thank you for your tasteless and insensitive have proved yourself a biased, arrogant loser for all to only takes so long for the truth to come out
2006 Custom Curtlo Road bike
2008 Scott S20 - Race bike
2008 GT GTR CX - Cyclocross bike
1998 Marin East Peak - MTB
2006 Fuji Aloha - TT bike
Weight loss for 2008:
1/01/08 - 234.8 pounds........6/20/08 - 189.2 pounds
Total lost this year 45.6 pounds- (96.4 pounds lost since 1/23/07)"

Goal: Get my weight down to 180-185 pounds

Damn I am IDIOT, where does it say 285.6lbs?

Not in your signature...sheesh you're getting worked up.

Thought this was supposed to be fun and you said you didnt give a toss what I thought?

:cryin: :cryin: :cryin: :cryin:
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You self righteous tosspot.

You get caught out over pathetic statements that you posted on a public domain and now you stand on your soapbox, beating your chest attempting to blame me for hurting your feelings.

Take a good look at yourself.

I cant believe people wrote your an inspiration for your weight loss, obviously they havent seen this side of you...losing weight is for your own get to live longer and enjoy this great sport to its fullest.

Your pathetic, one sided attitude is what lets you down.

Stop crying and take a look back at what you said that started this whole thread.

Over and out alright...I cant are to see a grown man cry over a bicycle.
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