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Alex-in-Evanston said:
If you're in the 'burbs, and you buzz a cyclist and flip them off as you honk and yell that they shouldn't be using the roads - they can catch you. People are so quick to offer a one sided argument from the inside of their car, it's a joy to knock politely on their windows two or three miles later to offer your view on the subject.

"Well, allow me to retort"

Jules Winnfield
Last year I had a car-load of teenagers (a couple boyfriends/girlfriends I think) come blasting pass me at maybe 70-80+, swerving just as they got by me. I could tell from the look on a couple faces looking out the rear window that this was ‘cool’ and ‘funny’. I wasn’t happy… at that high of a speed… well, I wasn’t happy. Just as they were about to disappear into the distance, I saw a cloud of dust come up. First I thought they must have gone off onto the shoulder of the road causing a dust cloud. Then I started to think they might have been doing some more swerving, gone onto the shoulder… maybe loosing control of the car, and…?? That’s when a HUGE smile came to my face!! Was I happy that they might have crashed… and maybe been hurt?? No, not at all. What made me smile was the two flashing red lights that appeared through the dust… that were attached to the county sheriff’s patrol car!! He must have zapppped them for speeding and did a quick turn-around to chase.

They were a LONG way away… could just barely make out the lights. I put my head down and started TTing like there was no tomorrow. I’m not sure how far it was or how long it took me… but I made it!! The look on the drivers face (I could see just enough in the reflection of the rear-view mirror) as priceless!!!! It took a minute or so to catch my breath… then another couple minutes to ‘educate’ the officer as to what happened a couple miles back. He thanked me for the info and kind of chuckled to himself as I started riding away. As I rolled by the driver (REAL slow) I looked directly at him and said, “You be sure to have a GOOD day now”.

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