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Where do you keep your keys & wallet ?

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When you ride, where do you usually keep your keys and wallet ?
My wedge bag is far too small to hold anything else. If I put them in the jersey pocket they would get on my nerves the first 1/2 mile.

What do you see as common practice for storing your essential items ?
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I stuff my jersey pockets with my wallet, tubes, iron, food, and am never bothered. Wedge bag holds 4 and 5mm hex wrenches, and my phone.

Then again, I am the dork who has a frame pump for longer rides.
I keep them in my jersey pockets. Why would it get on your nerves? I put my phone in there too. Why put the phone in the wedge bag? Mine is very tiny and completely filled with the essentials that never leave my bike: multi tool, tube, 2 tire levers, miniature patch kit and a $20 bill (for emergency cash or tire boot).
I only carry a fob for the car and my ID, ATM, phone and some cash. I put it all in a small zip top bag and into the pocket. Works fine.

Ventruck: You are not the only one with a frame pump. But, I think I am the only one with a handle bar bag still. Its small but its there.
A larger seat bag?
A from Il said:
I only carry a fob for the car and my ID, ATM, phone and some cash
That's what I do. Just take the key or fob for the vehicle, license, and some cash - phone in jersey pocket.
I have 3 pockets on my jersey

  • Left pocket - iPhone, I have the app to buy train/bus tickets in case of accident and I'd need to come back by public transport
  • Center pocket - folded wind jacket if it could be cold, warmers if it could get colder, empty if warm.
  • Right Pocket - Key ( you only need one to open your main door), 6/5/4 mm hex drivers, mini screwdriver, CO2 cartridges+inflator, 2 tyre levers
  • No Saddle Bag

you don't need more, carry a $20 bill if you want to stop for beers or coffe
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I put my one car key, a credit card, $20 in cash, phone and an old drivers license in my seat bag and leave the wallet and the rest of the keys in my car or at home.

In the jersey pockets, it's my cleat covers, GU or a powerbar and if I pull anything out of the seat bag along the way and don't feel like putting it back in the bag, the I'll use the pockets.

You don't need 10 credit cards, pictures of your kids and the other 6 keys on your key ring while riding.
License, CC, $20 bill, phone and some paper towel in a small sandwich baggie in my back right pocket.

My seat bag has my hex keys, tyres levers, 2 tubes, 3 co2 carts and a spoke wrench.
How many of you use the ICE sticker inside your helmet? If you have that, why carry a full wallet?
I've never carried my wallet on a ride. One house key goes in a jersey pocket along with phone (in a zip lock bag) plus tube, one lever, one Co2 cart. No seat bag.
I bring a house key and phone (in a ziploc and in my jersey pocket) and Road ID on my wrist.
I use ziplock bag to hold an expired DL & some cash in my seat bag - also RoadID "dog-tag" around my neck. I also have a single spare car key to slip into the seat bag - or I've also used a "hide-a-key" box on my truck. Another idea -a friend has a PU w/camper shell and leaves his sliding rear windows cracked for ventilation and then leaves a key right under the cracked window under some gear...this could be adapted to other SUV's.
Very helpful guys, thanks.
Coming from the mt bike world, i'm use to wearing a small back pack that i could throw stuff in.
A from Il said:
I only carry a fob for the car and my ID, ATM, phone and some cash. I put it all in a small zip top bag and into the pocket. Works fine.
Yep, same here.
We have a regular rider in my club who also carries his phone in his jersey pocket- but not in a ziploc. Without the ziploc, his phone isn't useable until it "airs out" for a few minutes, post ride.
Ziploc FTW!
Frame pump here as well. Seat pack carries ti (22g!) Action Tec 3-4/5-6 allen wrenches, spare tube, tire lever, loose change, $20 bill, phone, a few Band-Aids, and keys if needed. Snug fit but it works fine. Have even worn Bluetooth now and then if I'm expecting an important call while on the bike.
Add me to the minimalist list.

I too, carry a single key for my truck;
a money clip with my license, debit card, insurance card, and a few bucks;
and my cell phone.

They go in my center jersey pocket.
dgeesaman said:
How many of you use the ICE sticker inside your helmet? If you have that, why carry a full wallet?
I don't have that inside my helmet. Yes, I fear that I'll be in some horrid accident that they won't be able to take off my helmet. Then they won't know who to call if the number is in there. Obviously that's the pessimist coming out of me.

I have all that info on my RoadID, and wear it every ride. Even if it's only 2 miles down the road to the store. Keys I'd put in my saddle bag because I'm thinking it would hurt like a MFer if you fell on it and it jabbed a big hole in your ribcage. Again, I'm just assuming.

All that crap in your jersey does get annoying, and hot on a 98 degree day out in the blazing sun for a few hours. I should know, I just did that yesterday. Especially if you have a small torso like I do(I'm only 5'3) and all that stuff is covering your entire lower back where your jersey and back need to breathe.

Basically, it's all personal preferance. :p
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RoadID on wrist, key and cellphone in saddle bag, ID, Interagency pass (live right near a national park that has a nice ride in it) with $$$ in the 'sweatproof electronics' pocket of my jersey (since most of my jerseys seem to have one now, and it is exactly sized right for them).
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