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I'm in the process of putting on a new fork to my '07 Argon18 Platinum (see pic) as i'm going Disc on the front for better wet weather braking.

The bike has done 12,500km so far, and thought I might as well put on a new headset whilst I'm at it.

It seems from the googling and phone calls that it takes an FAS Orbit headset, but there are 9 different ones on Wiggle alone :eek: - and this aint counting the other brands such as Crane Creek, Chris King etc etc :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :mad2:

Any hints as to which one ?

Orbit CE
Orbit MX
Orbit Z No. 9
Orbit XL II
Orbit Z Aheadset
Orbit UF
Orbit ZS3 Zero stack
Orbit Z Aheadset

It looks most like the last one, but I'd like some suggestions before I plunk out the cash


Michael B
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