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Which Campagnolo Power-Torque cups for Scott Addict i must use?

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Hello RoadBikeReview!
I'm going to buy Scott Addict 20 2014 frame, and in don't know, which type of BB86 PowerTorque i must use for Campagnolo Centaur Black-Red Carbon Crankset.
There are 2 types of bottom bracket cups (added to attachements).
Which one of them is right for me? Wider or thinner cups?
Thank you so much for any advice.
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I can understand your confusion because I could not find a clearly captioned set of images. The Campy page you linked to, shows a bunch of cups but fails to identify which is which.

But I believe you are correct since the size happens to be visible on the cups at the far left.
If the frame is BB86 then it has a 41 mm ID and the first cups are the correct ones.

At the risk of upsetting Graeme I'm going to make my own observation on this setup.

Both Ultratorque and Powertorque were designed back in the days when threaded frames were standard or at least common. No longer.

Given that threaded cups are solidly anchored to the frame, both designs then anchor the DS bearing to the DS cup by means of the retaining clip to prevent lateral movement of the spindle.

So when we have a system that relies on a pressed-in cup to provide the retention, we have a built-in potential problem with a PT (or UT), crank in that lateral forces will tend to loosen the DS cup.

If it was me, I would be locktite-ing the cups in place (609 plus primer), and thinking about abandoning the retaining clip, and instead using shims on the NDS to take out any lateral play. This is how BB30 used to be. The crank is now no longer trying to loosen the DS cup. The trick is going to be finding appropriate shims since Campy uses a 25 mm spindle vs 24 mm for Shimano. TREK with their Campy-equipped frames took this approach I believe.

As a minimum, I'd be using primer and locktite to install the cups.
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