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Personally, I've gone out and bought tools for headset work. If one lives in the States, many of these DIY solutions are easily achieved but in other geographies, it's not as easy.

Buying the tools is not the best value route but there are tools out there by say Cyclus which are less expensive than those offered by Park but just as effective. I've also bought the Chris King tools, both for setting their bearing race and for the cups using one's headset press. These tools pretty much last forever so you might actually recoup the cost over time. The other solution is if you belong to a club to share the cost.

The only Park tool which is unique is their crown race remover which effectively works from the top of the fork crown rather than underneath. With the newer carbon forks and varying shapes around the crown area, not all of the race removers will fit.

Note that JBF's recommendation to support the fork underneath the crown when mounting the crown race is spot on.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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