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How many headsets do you plan to install over the next few years?

Any suggestions (other than just taking it to the LBS)[/QUOTE]

Do you plan to install 10 to 16 headsets in your lifetime? At the cost of the tool compared to the cost of paying someone to install it, that's about your break-even point. Most shops charge between 5 to 10 bucks to install a headset (and that usually includes the cups into the frame too) you would have to install around 10 or more headsets to pay for that tool yourself. You can make a tool cheaper, but why risk damaging a race off a King headset with a poorly home made tool? You can also very easily make a tool to install your cups into your frame, but before you spend the time and money, ask yourself how many headsets you plan to install in your life time. I think a better investment is a 12 pack of good beer to take in and bribe the mechanic at your LBS to do it for you for free, or at least to just let you borrow the tool for 5 minutes.

Sorry, I know that was specifically what you didn't ask to hear, but I feel it's the best advice unless you are installing a bunch of headsets.

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