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Short version: I need a front derailleur compatible with a double crankset (38/48) and SRAM Rival shifters. What derailleurs have the ability to swing outboard the furthest?

Long version: Frame is the Origen8 CX700 Cyclocross/Monstercross frame, which has chainstays that flare way out for big tire clearance. So far out that I can't run 38/48 rings on the nice SRAM Force crankset that I was planning to use. Had to buy an ISIS drive Truvativ Rouleur crank, put the 38/48 on that, and run a 118mm ISIS spindle to make the rings clear the chainstays.
Now, my SRAM Rival front derailleur will not swing out far enough (even with the limit screw all the way out) to get the chain on the 48t ring. Tried a Shimano Tiagra also, but same problem. I tried an XTR mountain derailleur, which was able to swing out far enough, but the shifting was terrible due the the "triple" design of the rear cage - derailleur had to be way too high for the rear part of the cage to clear the 38t ring.
I'm out of ideas, and ready to throw the frame at Mr. Origen8. If it's being sold as a cyclocross, you should be able to run road cranks!
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