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Looking for a not-so-expensive HRM. Below is a reply (From Art853) to a previous thread that I posted while researching a bike computer. The gist of it was that a Computer (e.g Astrale 8) and a HRM can be had for around $100.

I went for an Echowell F2 computer with Cadence (similar to Astrale 8 in price and features). Its now time to buy a resonably priced HRM with reasonable features (zones). What are your recommendations?

Any assistance aprpeciated.
Thanks all

My advice in general is to get something like a Cateye Astral 8 (with wires) and an inexpensive heart rate monitor. With both of those you get lots of functions for less than $100.

There are lots of different ways to train. You can do fine just enjoying the rides on day tours, group rides, club races and such without lots of gizmos. I find things such as speed, ave. speed, and distance interesting to note but I go mostly by time. If you move to a more structured training program you can make more use of the data.

Cadence is helpful especially if you don't have a lot of riding experience. It helps to remind you to shift or pick up the pace to keep yourself in a good range, and to confirm your perception of your cadence with a value. The jump in price for wireless cadence is not worth it in my opinion.

HR monitor can be used simply to help keep yourself in aerobic zone for base training. You can also do interval training with it. The main features are looking at it and seeing your heart rate while you are working out and determining your heart rate zones for different levels of effort.
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