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Can anyone help with a bit of advice please....
I am about to buy a new bike and cant make up my mind between the Specialized Sirrus and the langster. I did fancy the Tricross but its a bit too much money..

I ride mainly on cycle paths, canal paths and road I am training for the London to Brighton and wish to have a new bike that will give me years of service!

I do like the look of the langster but have never test ridden one and would like to know if anyone has and has ridden it 1. long distance 50 miles plus 2. off road/cycle paths
and 3. any bad points about them?
I have ridden the sirrus and thought it was an ok bike and probably the sensible option but i like to be non sensible some times!!!

Or if any road bike would be better suited? for about the same money.....
I know the langster has a fixed wheel whats that like on distance riding etc?
Hope someone can help

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Bike Choices.........

Have you considered renting? A local bike shop here rents bikes for the weekend for $35 (US) and then deducts the rental fees from the price of a new bike.

That allowed me to try several bikes for more than a parking lot ride. One bike was so responsive that it could almost read my mind but after a few miles it felt like I had gone to a gang fight by myself. Darn near took a week to recover.

Sorry, but I can't really comment on the bikes you mentioned.

Lastly, I think a good frame with average components is better than a poor frame with better components. You can more easily upgrade the components.

Good luch with your search, and keep the rubber side down.

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