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I use the green ones

10kman said:
Which "model" Superfeet insole is the "standard" one for cyclists?

Also, where is a decent place online to track a pair down for a good price?

Thanks a lot,

Because I need to take up some volume. I think the blue ones would be preferred because of the heal cup design. The insole is a little thinner and the heal design should provide a more stable platform. By all means take your riding shoes into a store and check them out before you buy. Get the one that works best in your shoes and on your feet. They are a "cut to fit" insert but hopefully the store has some for you to try. I just saw a whole rack at my local sporting goods store in the sports shoe area. You should be able to find a local retailer that carrys them. They weren't that expensive (under $20) and talking to a knowledgeable person can be helpful (hopefully the store actually has such a person).
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