Whisky No.9 50D Wheels Re

The Whisky No.9 50D carbon wheels are billed as a do-it-all tubeless option.​

What is it

The Whisky No.9 50D is a disc-specific carbon wheelset that aims to deliver all-road performance whether racing on flat, fast tarmac or venturing on the rough and rowdy road less traveled. Rim depth is 50mm, inner rim width is 19.5mm, and spoke count is 24 front and rear. Rotor attachment is centerlock with 6-bolt adapters also available. RoadBikeReview's test set was custom built with White Industries CL11 hubs, but the stock build comes with DT Swiss 350s.


  • Fast ride. Hold speed over rolling terrain
  • Stiff when sprinting and hitting tight corners
  • Smooth White Industry hubs with gold anodization that's eye-catching
  • Rounded rim shape holds steady in the crosswinds


  • Rim width could be wider for gravel tire purposes
  • In shop availability and in-person inspection can be difficult
  • 50mm deep rims require a long valve tube

RoadBikeReview's Take

Whisky No.9 50D Wheels Re

The Whisky No.9 50D were a nice compliment to this beautiful Rock Lobster frame.​

Whisky prides itself on delivering an approachable, high-end product and overall consumer experience. Whether that comes from upgrading equipment, replacing a broken fork, or building up a whole new ride, performance and design are the forefronts of all its creations.

Recently Whisky started offering wheels in its ever-expanding catalog. In true Whisky fashion, they didn't dip their toes in, but instead jumped in with both feet, releasing an extensive line of road, adventure, and fat bike carbon rims and wheels that can be built to order. Coming from the adventurous background of other in-house QBP brands, Whisky's new wheel line has a slight lean towards the gravel and exploration style of riding.

Whisky No.9 50D Wheels Re

The Whisky No.9 50D rim depth is 50mm.​

The No.9 50D rim is relativity lightweight, aerodynamic, and reliable starting point for a custom do-it-all wheelset. The aerodynamic shape is fast, and a modern rim width creates a stable contact patch with many tires ranging from 28mm-38mm and beyond. The No.9 50D is also an excellent choice for long days in the saddle, whether you're battling against the clock or just out for an all-day epic.

Our test rims were laced to White Industry CLD hubs with DT Swiss spokes and alloy nipples, and the entire set-up was hand-finished in Minnesota by the wheel builders at QBP. The Whisky wheelset arrived with alloy Whisky tubeless valves, and were pre-taped for tubeless set-up, which was achieved with a basic floor pump.

Whisky No.9 50D Wheels Re

We had no problem setting them up tubeless and there was plenty of space for these 38mm tires.​

The Whisky No.9 50D's are at home on the road, gravel, or cyclocross courses. The shape of the No.9 is 50mm deep with a slight roundness at the tallest point. Aero is becoming more and more popular in gravel - and with good reason. A gravel race (from my experience at least) starts like a cyclocross race, moves into road race with pack-style riding with tactics, and ends in with a grueling individual time trial.

That said, I fully embrace and understand the push for aero in gravel. Gravel races have tons of wide open roads and you often catch some nasty sidewinds. But the No.9 50Ds are super stable and spin easy enough up hills, though they are not the lightest wheel on the market, coming in around 1700 grams (tubeless tape and alloy valves included). They do, however, hold speed and are noticeably stiff in corners.

I've taken the Whisky N No.9 50D's on nearly every type of terrain, and they are as true as the day they arrived at my doorstep despite many trips through rough rock sections.

Whisky No.9 50D Wheels Re

RoadBikeReview's test set was custom built with White Industries CL11 hubs, but the stock build comes with DT Swiss 350s.​

The White Industry hubs take this wheelset to the next level, though they aren't stock, they add serious bling and engagement. Whisky offers a stock No.9 50D wheelsets with DT Swiss Aerolite spokes laced to DT Swiss 350 hubs with brass nipples.

If you are a rider that looks for performance and longevity in gear, the Whisky No. 50s should be on your short list. This wheelset will turn heads and fast times at your next race, plus how often can you train and race on the same wheelset? Not often I find, and at $1600.00 they are a screaming deal.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Price: starts at $1600 with DT Swiss 350 hubs
More Info: whiskyparts.co