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Okay -- I'll admit up front that this question is based purely on aesthetics, but I can be shallow like that when it comes to my bikes. So here goes ...

Every once in a while I see a photo of the latest Mavic Cosmic SL clincher wheels with WHITE decals as opposed to the standard yellow ones. One such example is a recent thread in the Complete Bikes & Frames forum (a thread about steel bikes). In this thread, "Maverick" has posted a photo of his bike with these wheels.

My question is where I can get a set of these wheels? They would look perfect on my bike whereas the yellow decals would look horrible. Unfortunately, none of my local dealers has been able to help me or give me any information. Thus far my Google searches haven't turned up anything. Can anyone lead me in the right direction and help me get a set of these wheels?

As always, thanks in advance for your help and wise words.

PS I know I can get the "old" style decals (2004 and older) on eBay in white ... but I'd rather get the newer, lighter SL wheels, if possible. Thanks again!
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