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I think these couple of vehicles need to be talked about more and a sticky for new members to find out about the dangers around here.

From my understanding there are at least 2 white pick ups that are harassing cyclists.

1. White pick up that hit the cyclist. He has been identified and hopefully actions are being taken. This truck I believe is an F250 with rack.
More about this truck in this thread.

2. White Pick up. No rack that I remember. Was it a Dodge? There seems to be an aggressive white pick in the area that likes to get very close to cyclists and as he goes by he guns the gas to shoot black smoke at us. I am sure he thought it was fun/funny the first few hundred times he did this but really? Isn't the novelty wearing off? I mean we all stopped egging house as some point in our life right?

Today we ran into the White Pick up that likes to smoke out the cyclists with his exhaust.

Not only did he go past our group on Stage at excessive speed, but he gunned the gas to blow smoke. He then did the same to the next group in front of us.

I have a feeling this guy would not be too hard to catch if we could time line his actions. I mean too many of us have video cameras.

Anyone remember what time we were on stage when this happened.

Lets start making a time line of the encounters and maybe we can help expedite some action. I bet this guy is on stage every weekend doing this.
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