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lexington476 said:
In the many small amateur races many of us do. If you are on a team, say in a cat three race with four team members in that race. Say they are giving money five places deep, with one person on the team getting fourth, say $40. What do most folks do? Does fourth place person keep all the money or does he split it with the other three people who finished under fifth place? Just one of these operational questions on doing things that you do not want to ask, but would like to know.
in my club we have a policy in which money must be divided up or used to by the guys a few beers. The rider that placed received upgrade points, while everyone else enjoys the beer. If they win products, it's usually given up first come first serve.

In one race I won last season, even though I raced alone in my category, I offered up a bunch of stuff to those who had supported me in other races.

Doing things like these really promotes an awesome club environment.
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