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Let's put it into perspective

Joaquim Agostinho, died at 43 in the Tour of Algarve. Accident with a dog.

This stud took 3rd in the 1979 Tour at 37 years old, winning a stage as well and then finishing 5th the following year whe he was 38. At age 41, in 1983 Tour he came in 11th.

This doesn't take into account Joop Zoetemelk's record but for me, 'Ago was and is the man of continuing to go hard, even later in life.

Eki's come good with age. Despite all those World titles in the pursuit, his endless tactic when he rode with Panasonic was to try to take off in the last 2 k's only to get caught before the line had me wondering in the eighties and early 90's. His ride in 2003 P-R was complete hardman stuff. Old school, Eastern bloc material, rides a long and varied program.

Cipo- Well I do like his personality and he's good for the sport. Somewhat one-dimensional and I really can't put him, wins aside, in the class of Agostinho or Ekimov, especially in the age bit.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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