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I've seen them


I use a single sided dura ace SPD pedal on my race bike, and I use a single sided welgo SPD pedal on the other. I thought that Shimano only has two SPD cleats on offer, one is fixed and another has float. Therefore I am assuming that all SPD pedals are compatible. I love SPDs because I can have walking shoes with recessed cleats for commuting and I can use the same pair of shoes for MTB and Road.... however I think I will be changing to Looks next because the SPD is really hard to clip into at the start of races.

You can still find DuraAce SPDs around and I know for a fact that Shimano still produces a single sided SPD (not DuraAce), but for the life of me I can't remember the name or where I've seen it online.... ah.... just found it, you owe me one:

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