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Spoke Wrench said:
I've been using SPD 747's on my road bike and on my tandem. They work well for me because I'm mostly a restaurant-to-restaurant rider so I appreciate the recessed cleat, and because I think they operate much more "crisply" than the less expensive Shimano pedals.

I'd like to switch to a one sided, more road oeiented, pedal. Does anybody know if Shimano makes a one sided pedal with a similar, upgraded, SPD mechanism?
Hey spokey, if you think that's a faux pas, I actually race a set of two sided 525s (original version from 1992 that weigh about 4 pounds). I just put a set of one sided spd pedals on my cheapo TT bike. I got 'em from -- they are Exus brand and ran me $20. No complaints with them so far 'cept that clipping in on a single side takes some getting used to. They look very similar to the Performance and Nashbar housebrand spd pedals. Cleat compatibility is not an issue -- I use two pairs of shoes, winter and summer for the two road bikes and my mountain bikes. Each pair of shoes has a different cleat, and no two bikes have pedals from the same manufacturer. Shoes work in all pedals (mtb has double sided Ritchey MTB pedals).

I get kooky looks from the Roadie establishment 'till I drop 'em. ;)
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