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Found this old post

You have to be kidding. NY gets nailed by state and local government. All you are talking about is an upstate perception. There are no"facts" to support it. NY has to have its own tax because the state continually comes up short.
1)Schooling. NY does not get it's fair share of funding and had to bring a suit to try and even things out. Upstate house members are still trying to figure out a way around the court decision.
2)Transportation. NY has 90% of the public transport and gets 50% of the funding from the state. Fair?
3) Terrorism check out how large cities were screwed out of the funds that should have gone to protect them. NY was attacked after all.
4) Federal, We send far more to the federal gov that we get in return. We are talking billions. Red states, like Arizona get far more back than they put in.
5) So, in sum, I think upstate would really miss NY, not the other way around. I do have to agree with you that we are all a self centered and self infatuated lot.
Take care
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