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Wife rode to work-1rst time ever!

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Hello everyone, As many know, I have been riding to work since last August after being off the bike for 10 years.I have gotten so used to it that I really miss it when I have to drive in.
Anyway, my wife has been bugging me about riding in on her bike by herself. So, last week once all (most) of the snow was off the MUT we rode her route together, to and from, work on 2 different days. She was talking about not riding in today because of the rain this weekend and cold temps.
Well guess what? She did it anyway!!! 40 degree's and super windy. She walked with her bike and backpack to get the kid on the school bus and just started riding. Once her shift was over, she got a little lost on the way home, but made it in time to be back at the school bus stop on time. Almost 10 miles round trip. Not far, but for someone who has never ridden, it is far enough.
I know I didn't pedal her bike or even talk her into it, but today I am VERY proud. :D There is just something about the freedom of two wheels and sharing that freedom with someone you care about that makes it special. I just had to brag a little. Sorry no pics-maybe later this week.
MN Dan
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That's great! Good for both of you.

I must say, I'm jealous. I've been trying to get my wife on a bike for years with zero luck.
Little victories...

MN Dan:

Hey, I'm glad to hear that your wife pedaled to work and back; that's awesome! I know I'm stoked when my girl takes her bike 4 blocks to school!

Happy for ya and her,
Very cool. Hopefully she will start making it a regular event.

Yesterday instead of picking my daughter up on my drive home, I headed to the house, loaded her bike into the Burley and rode up to her school. She was excited to get to ride home.

In a few weeks she will start riding to school when my wife starts her summer commutes. They will ride together to her daycare and my wife will continue onto her office about 4 miles away. I'll get home and ride up and get her. All the kids in her class are jealous when she gets to go for a ride. Last summer it was in the Burley, this summer it's the bike. Now that she's 4 she's also said it's time to get rid of the training wheels. Gotta love a little girl with guts.
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