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santosjep said:
Hi Kastrapeli!

I love Wilier Triestina bikes. I think they're beautiful works of art and performs very well on the road. $2500 for the bike you mentioned looks like a good deal. I would take it if I'm in the market for a new bike.

Here's a creative way on how to look at a bargain. You mentioned that it's a 2004, so I would assume that it's also a 2004 Campy Chorus group and Proton wheelset. GVHBIKES sells the Chorus build kit $1645 (a pretty good price in my opinion). I refer to them for my benchmarks (for customer service,price and reliability). So, deduct that from the $2,500 total. You're left with $855. This would be your "buying price" for the Wilier frameset. To go into details, you can subtract wrenching costs as well because you're getting the bike complete and built up. Let's say that's $100. So, if you can't find a frameset you like more than the Wilier Triestina Alpe D'Huez at $755 (including shipping), might as well pull the trigger. Just my $0.02.

Lastly, make sure that this bike fits you well. Don't forget to send out pictures.

Ride safely,


Good analysis- I agree. But make sure the fit on the frame works. Chorus is a really nice grouppo.

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