Ironman Champ & 3-Time Kona Podium Finisher Major To Ride Wilier Cento Crono in '09

Atlanta, GA (April 6, 2009) - Wilier Triestina USA officially announced its sponsorship of Ironman Champion and three-time Ford IM World Championship podium finisher Kate Major following IM 70.3 New Orleans on Sunday. It was there that Major competed for the first time atop Wilier's Cento Crono time trial bike just days after taking possession of it, finishing eighth. She had met with the bike's designer, acclaimed aerodynamics and biomechanics expert John Cobb, last week in San Diego to be positioned on her new ride. The Cento Crono is one of three bikes Wilier Triestina supplies to European professional cycling team, Lampre, whose riders took both the World Road Championship title and silver medal last fall.

Sponsoring athletes who will represent Wilier on the world stage of professional triathlon is something Wilier's North American distributor takes very seriously. "As with our decision some months ago to sponsor Ironman Champion Chris McDonald [1st at Superfrog and 13th at New Orleans]," explained Wilier Triestina USA co-owner Angelo Cilli, "we not only want strong athletes representing our brand, but likeable individuals with unquestionable character. I know I say this often and it's true: our brand is dear to us. So sponsoring an athlete like Kate Major is ideal; a champion who appreciates the design sophistication of the Crono and can showcase what it's capable of."

The Cento Crono represents a cutting edge design by one of the industry's most respected authorities. John Cobb has worked with numerous world-class cyclists, including Lance Armstrong, as well as many of professional triathlon's top competitors. Although one of the most distinctive aero bikes in the industry, Cobb emphasized that the look and tubing of the Cento Crono are strictly about efficiency and speed: "The Crono is the first time trial bike based solidly on the principles of wave form dynamics to diminish turbulence that can slow down bodies of mass as they move through air. Shaping a few tubes like fairings isn't enough," he explained. "The Crono features splitters and tube shapes designed to direct airflow efficiently through and around the bike, its wheels and - just as importantly - the rider's spinning legs."

Another distinguishing characteristic of the Cento Crono is how well it handles; evidence of the manufacturer's 103-year road bike heritage. "It is extremely comfortable to ride, flies on rolling terrain, and handles well on descents, tight corners and climbs," explained Major. "With the positioning done by John Cobb, it's a perfect fit. I now need to step up and meet the standard of the Crono...nothing like a new machine to get the competitiveness flowing hard and fast! There has been a lot of time, research and engineering put into this bike by John Cobb and Wilier to address the needs of time trialists, triathletes or any fan of truly innovative bicycles."