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should work...

Chainrings aren't near as critical with regard to chain width as cassette cogs. I haven't seen any Shimano information published on what changes they may or may not have made to the chainring spacing for the narrower 10-speed chain, but it's unlikely that there would be a problem.

If your cycling inseam is 34 inches or 86.4cm, that's really not very long. That leg length would be typical for someone riding a 57-58cm frame. Long legged riders using 180mm cranks would typically be riding 62-64cm frames. Height has nothing to do with suitability of longer cranks, it's based on leg length.

Is your posted inseam a "cycling inseam", measured from the floor to firm crotch contact in bare feet, or a pants inseam, that is typically a couples of inches less?
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