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Argentius said:
You say this is a "winter" fixie and it has no fenders? :)

Mine is an '80's Basso road frame conversion. Did the same thing with spraypainting a quill stem black. Miche hubs on Velocity Aero 32-spoke rims.

Used the Aufmega crank that came with it and the 42-tooth chainring, ditched the 52 and used BMX bolts. 18-tooth EAI cog (lots of hills in Portland and Seattle).

EA70 bars I had lying around. Spd pedals, fizik pave saddle. Oh, and Campy Athena brakes, front and rear, because they are SO PRETTY but don't stop well enough for my regular road bikes. SKS full fenders.

Do you have any pictures of the Basso? I have a late 80's Basso Gap gathering dust and was looking to do something similar. I also live in the Pacific Northwest and was interested in how you attached the fenders. My Basso has no braze ons for fenders so any tips you could share would be appreciated.

41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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