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So I'm all excited about getting my summer commutes started. During the school year, I help get the kids ready and off to school, which doesn't usually give me time to ride in to work. School ended last week, so today I rode my fixed Fuji Sports 10. The weather was cool and a bit drizzly, and I was loving the ride.

Once I get into Frederick, if I have time I ride around a few minutes to cool down. Heading back to the office, I was at the light at Court and All Saints. The light turned and I stood to crank away. Suddenly BAM!
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I'm over the bars and sprawled in the middle of the intersection. The BB spindle (original to the bike, some 30 years old) had sheared off at the left crank. I got up and dragged the bike over to the curb to let traffic by. One fellow in a pick up truck was nice enough to stop to see if I was OK, and he offered me a ride. Since I was only three blocks from work I declined. Thanks for the offer though. The group of a dozen or so day laborers hanging out on the block were nice enough not to laugh at me directly as I headed past and to the office.

<a href=""><img src="" border="0" height="271" width="400"></a>

Once there I took stock.

Bike - Aforementioned sheared spindle, bars knocked askew. Right brake lever kocked askew, rear wheel crooked in the dropouts and dragging a bit, bagman hoop pulled out of mount on left side. Fenders all bodged up. Nothing that can't be put right fairly easily.

<a href=""><img src="" border="0" height="155" width="200"></a>

Rider - deep gash on outside of left calf (I think from the jagged end of the spindle). Both knees scraped (pavement), Left elbow scraped/bruised (it took the main force of the fall on the pavement). Left anterior abdomen bruised (stem or bars), inside of right upper arm bruised (handlebars?). Misc. indeterminate cuts and bruises. And, of course, pride. Nothing that can't be put right fairly easily.
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All in all, I got away pretty good. Twenty minutes earlier I was bombing along a busy shoulder, standing and really cranking down as I headed through the rollers. Lots of chances to have it shear at speed. Kind of scary.

<a href=""><img src="" border="0" height="351" width="400"></a>
<a href=""><img src="" border="0" height="406" width="400"></a>
A couple of shots of the culprit.

I had hoped a spare BB or two at home would be the right width to swap out. No Go. The BB I had was a 113 and too narrow to place the same crank back on. I'll have figure out the right width and hit a bike shop soon. I'm pretty stiff and sore but will be riding MTB at Schaeffer Farms tomorrow evening. Suprisingly, the sorest part is my right calf, which did not hurt for hours after the crash.

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Ouch. I did that once. Brand new bike and I literally didn't make it more than 3 blocks from the shop before I sheared off the left side of the spindle. Still don't know how I stayed upright (although an uncomfortable introduction to the TT helped), but its a good thing I did because I was accelerating hard in heavy traffic and would very likely have gotten run over.

Come to think of it, if I was still riding that spindle it would be about 30 years old. Maybe they're part of the same batch? ;)
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