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It has been one thing after another this week and I'm starting to get sick of it. Anyways, I had a Ciclosport HAC4 computer which once I FINALLY figured out the software I loved it. But thanks to the cheap ass mounting "bracket" that they use which are actually just rubber bands my computer fell off my bike earlier this week at a slow speed and has since never worked the same, the HR on it was WAY off and at times didn't even read, the temperature switches between 69F and 122F and the altitude it constantly changing. I bought this new off ebay a few months ago so that's about $160 down the drain. I decided to try switch out the battery before going to buy a new computer and no luck. I finally decided to go for something reliable and went for a Cateye double wireless computer with cadence howeveer it seems to be interferring with my HR monitor now. I have a Polar A3 HR monitor and a Polar chest strap, whenever I start pedaling it I get accurate readings from the cateye but it throws the Polar way off, I'll be riding at a cruising pace and it will be reading at 180bpm or 220pbm or something way off like that. I'm getting fustrated considering I can't seem to have a training ride lately where everything ACTUALLY WORKS. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to cut out this interferrance? My Polar HR has worked flawlessly for years now. Has anyone else had this experience?
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