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I recently purchased a used Litespeed Tuscany from the RBR classifieds. For the most part it is a dream to ride. However, weather has permitted two rides - and I've experienced two problems:

Bike Setup:
Bike has a Titanium frame, with Spinergy xAero lites (PBO spoke wheels) and Hutchinson 20's for tires, Brand New 2003 Dura Ace group (including the BB) with an FSA Team carbon crank, Corima seatpost, and Speedplay X/2's. Seller has been very honest, available and supportive.

Problems Where I could use guidance:
1) On both rides at about mile 7-8 I start getting a creak that seems to be coming from the BB. The creak only occurs with medium pedal pressure. When I'm barely pushing, or pushing real hard the creak is pretty much gone. the creak is rythmic, but I can't tie it to crank revolution timing, or the chain, and it seems independent of chain-ring or cog. It only occurs while peddling. Seller says BB is brand new. Not sure where to start with elminating the creak. My gut says to pull out the BB, clean it, lub it, adjust it, then regrease the crank bolts and properly torque, and also pull apart the chain rings clean and retorque the bolts. However, this might be like using an atomic bomb to kill a cockroach.

Also, I have no tools to do this and don't have a clue where to begin - though I do want to learn to maintain my own bikes so have no problem with tool purchase or doing the work.

Is this the correct approach or is there perhaps an more rational, step-wise way to move forward .... I do want this creak gone though ... I can't stand anything but a smooth running machine.

2) Today, at the end of the ride I did a pretty strong sprint. About 1/2 way into the sprint the back-end felt like I had a flat tire it was so wobbly. Is this an artifact of a Titanium frame ? Spinergy xAero wheels ? Running 20 tires rather than 23's ? I thought there was something seriously wrong. Pulled to the side of the road and everything looked fine. Bike rode fine afterwards as well. If it's just frame or wheel flex, why would it take 15-20 seconds to start feeling wobbly ?

Any thoughts ? My other ride is a Softride R1 Classic with Bontragers Race Lites. I never experience anything like this on that bike even on steep climbs or on hard sprints.

Thank you in advance ! I'm still a relative newbie .. riding since July 2003 ... and 1/2 of that time, since November, has been largely indoors on the Computrainer.

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My bet would be on the wheels for the wobble. Try putting your wheels from the other bike in and see if the problem follows. Though the xaero's are comfortable, they aren't the stiffest wheels. As for your other problem, have the Dura Ace BB adjusted and cleaned.

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Some possibilities

If the noise is not tied to crank revolutions, then it is less likely to be a BB problem. However it is unusual to not be tied to your pedaling, especially when you say that it only happens at moderate pedal pressure - a definite conflict in the data! Some of the less obvious things that cause noise are your QR skewers and faces (grease the faces and oil the mechanism), the chainring bolts, spoke crossings, and cassette body. Think about metal to metal faces on the bike, and grease or oil every interface you can think of, including the saddle rails and seat post parts.

The rear end could well be tire size. Try switching both size and brands of tire. Check spoke tension with a simple squeeze of spoke pairs. You can take the wheel out of the frame and gently push on it by putting the wheel at an angle to the ground and pushing on the hub. Compare that with your other wheels to see if there's some serious difference, which I doubt.
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