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I just ordered a 2005 Colnago Mix in Black w/ red Flags and Veloce 10 from Sierra Trading Post!!! Added on Look PP396 pedals and I got it all, including shipping for $2K!!!

I was comtemplating purchasing this bike from them for a while when a few weeks ago, STP sent me a 1 day only 20% off coupon. I had placed the bike and pedals in my shopping cart but held off because I wanted to make sure that it had 172.5 cranks as it would be the most expensive to replace if it were say 175 or 170. I also wanted to know the stem length, and h-bar width. Other than that, I was set to pull the trigger. I placed a call for technical assistance on these questions and they could not get back to me before the coupon expired so I lost out on the smoking deal, or so I thought! Well, on a wild hair, I called STP today and inquired about the technical questions because if I were to ever get another 20% coupon I would be truly ready to pull the trigger without a moments hesitation. After "inquiring" if were possible to still get the bike (since I learned that it was last 55cm in Black w/ Red) with the 20% discount applied, they said they would research it. I guess they checked to see, if in fact I had placed the item in the shopping cart and whether I had asked the questions. They called me back and said they would honor the discount and ...boom goes the dynamite!! If some of the parts are the wrong size, I guess I could always sell them on ebay!! Besides, the frame is what I really wanted. Anyhow, I want to give major props to STP!! They are best!!

OBTW, I will only need another 15 bikes, all of which will need to be higher end for me to catch up to Terry B or Akaraisho!! LOL. If you 2 read this, a question for ya: How many miles do you get on each of your bikes?? Do you ride one a lot more than others? Some get totally neglected?? I know there are a few others that are in TB and Akas class of bikes but I forget your names- sorry. But for those of you in the same situation, please feel free to answer. Thanks and Ride ON!!!

Stable: '99 Psycle Werks Wild Hare MTB, '00 Klein Quantum Race, '02 Titus Racer X MTB, '02 Fondriest Carb Level, and soon to be '05 Colnago Mix in the mix!!! Can't wait to join the Colnago members club!!
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