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I have a few pairs of Woodman hubs that were ordered as samples. Here are my observations:

>The machining quality is very poor.
>The bearings in the 6 hubs that were built were worn out after 200ish km. I dont know if these were "sample" bearings designed to never be ridden, I never asked.
>The rear hubs "wind up" when you apply load. I pulled one apart to find the source of the problem, but the only thing I could think of is the threaded join between the pawl carrier and the freehub body.
>The axles flex enough that the axle caps rub the inside of the freehub body and hub shell.
>On two rear hubs I had to remove the freehub body seal because it was causing the hubs to "ghost pedal" when you stopped pedaling, this would occasionally cause the chain to drop if you were shifting from the big to inner chainrings.

Overall, as I'm sure you can tell, I was not very impressed with the hubs and won't be using them. They are certainly not of DT Swiss quality.

@Troy: The freehub bodies are different to any Joytech hubs I've seen so I suspect these are from a different factory.
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