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It warms my heart to think of all the things that could go wrong here.

Pure oxygen reacts badly with hydrocarbons (lubes, oils, grease, etc) and certain metals (Titanium is one of them). Pure Oxygen under pressure combined with one of those substances can be especially disastrous. In scuba, we generally use compressed air. When we increase the percentage of O2 in a mix, we follow special procedures to clean tanks and regulators and use O2 inert lubes, seats and o-rings so as not to burn our gear down to the ground.

But, lets say you could clean the inside of your frame of any materials that would react badly with O2. The increased thickness of the frame walls to allow the pressures needed to provide an significant volume of O2 would significantly increase the weight of the frame and reduce the inner volume of the frame. I would think that at the very most, you could get maybe 10-15 breaths (and I think that is being generous) of pure O2 at the cost of doubling or even tripling the weight of the frame.

Add to that, most countries classify pure O2 as a hazardous substance and you would have to have the appropriate labels on the frame and possibly even some permits that make it legal for you to transport hazardous materials in a pressurized vessel. And I seriously doubt that a carbon fiber frame of any thickness would survive the legally required hydro-static test required before being put into service as a pressure vessel. An aluminum frame might do, though.

Then there is the issue of getting the O2 out of the frame and into your lungs.

I don't know if it would be breaking any rules, but I think the laws of physics will bite you first.

Now, if you wanted to convert a water bottle, that's a different story. Scuba already has these:^88200967873-device^c-plaid^266300612378-sku^[email protected]^PLA
And you can offload used ones onto the support vehicle and pick up full ones as needed. ;-)
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