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Featured User Review: Featured User Review: CycleOps Fluid2 Trainer
by froze

Price Paid: $220.00 at Summit Cycling
Overall Rating:
5 of 5
Value Rating:
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Bike Setup
Most of the time I use a Giant Rincon MTB with a smooth rear tire.

Favorite Ride:
Anywhere the wind blows

This is among 2 other trainers that make up the top 3 mid priced trainers on the market. The newer version has a heavier 2.75 pound balanced flywheel that helps make the training more of a challenge and more of road feel. The faster the drum speed increases the more watts it develops up to at least 725 watts which is more then enough wattage for even advance riders, maybe not pro riders but a pro rider will get a free and very expensive computer type of trainer anyways more tuned to their riding abilities.

It is completely silent except for the noise of the tire rolling on the drum thus a smooth tire is quieter then a knobby tire which is not recommended to be used on any trainer anyways. You can easily ride the bike in a room with someone else watching TV and not bother that person unlike wind trainers. Some tire companies do make special trainer tires but I don't believe in them. You can use any tire that you have retired from the road as long as you first clean the tire real well and removed any embedded objects so you don't scratch up the drum.

The unit comes with a steel quick release skewer, use that skewer in place of yours on the bike if you don't want to mar up the one on the bike. It comes with a training video, but there are a slew of videos you can get once you completed that video that deal with all sorts of different training sessions.

There were some issues with the older units seals blowing and leaking oil everywhere, that problem was resolved about 7 years ago, so anybody reporting those issues are way out of date on their information. Also Cycleops customer service is top notch, a friend of mine had an older unit that blew a seal and Cycleops replaced it quickly with the new version for free due to it's lifetime warranty provisions. The fluid trainers are the most dependable type of trainers on the market next to the wind units, but the wind units are very loud, and the Mag units don't have enough resistance for above average rider.

You do need to follow the directions to the letter for setup, but setup is quick and easy. You should buy a front wheel tire block that holds the front wheel in place so it doesn't move much while pedaling. You also need to use a stand up fan so you can direct the air flow from the fan directly in front of you otherwise you will pour buckets of sweat all over the bike and floor. I would recommend a workout mat to go under the unit and bike but it's not necessary, I use a thin 1/8th inch thick non slip rubber mat. Any computer you might have will need to get the speed sensor connected to the rear wheel either by buying a sensor with a longer cable intended for rear mounting, or by placing the wireless sensor in the back (some wireless sending units may not be able to transmit a signal that distance from the computer); the longer cable sensors are usually under $15 for most computers. This trainer is compatible with Power Tap if you want the ultimate in computer training.

Plenty of workout wattage capability; smooth as silk; quiet; sturdy; easy and fast set up; vast library of training videos available.

Extremely boring...all trainers suffer from this.

Similar Products Used:
1Up (only one made in the USA anymore); Kurt Kinetics; (those two are the other two best mid priced ones on the market); Minoura.

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