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Can anyone explain how to write a review in the "Reviews"
section of this site.

I have tried but my review always comes up under a different brand of bicycle.

I go to reviews, then to road bikes, then I click on a random product, then
click on write a review, and proceed to write the review. My review shows up under the brand of bike I clicked on, which would make perfect sense. How the heck do you
choose a new/different bike model?

No where can I find a link to write a review on a 'New' product.

What gives? Obviously its user error!
Anyone have the same problem?
Thanks to all who may be able to help.

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Send me an email to where your review ended up, and where it's supposed to go and I can move it.

This happens sometimes (pretty infrequently, but it does happen) and I think it might be a computer glitch more than user error.


[email protected] (remove the NOSPAM)
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