Fresh from the FrostBike (a mini bike show put on by big bike parts distributor QBP), WTB releases this new, wide tire for gravel grinders in two versions.

WTB has is showing a brand new tire at FrostBike (Quality Bicycle Products' product expo in Bloomington, MN) called the Nano 40c that is targeted directly for the gravel grinder type rider. The tires uses a high volume 40mm casing with a rounded profile and a unique centerline tread pattern built for speed, comfort and consistency. This is just another sign that the gravel grinder movement isn't just a passing fad.

WTB's Product Manager, Chris Feucht gives us the details, "The inspiration for this tire actually came directly from this show (FrostBike 2013) one year ago. We were blown away by the number of requests we received for a gravel tire last year so we took a long, hard look at our tire line and decided to use the Nano tread pattern as a starting point. We wanted something that would appease racers due to its speed and light weight, yet also appeal to those wanting comfort over the long haul. By simplifying the pattern slightly, we've actually created a more durable tire while maintaining speed and the unique Nano handling characteristics, making for a winner."

WTB ultra endurance athlete, Jay Petervary, also thinks the Nano 40c is a winner. Petervary spent time on early prototype tires and marveled over the speed and comfort the tires provided, having initially requested something in the 35c range. To further the Nano's racing credibility, WTB will be sponsoring the Trans Iowa Gravel Race in late April as well as Jay Petervary's own Fall Gravel Backyard Pursuit with Nano 40c Race tires.

WTB Nano 40c tires will be available in two versions (Race and Comp) beginning April 2014

The features of the Nano 40c Race are:
  • Folding Aramid bead
  • Lightweight Casing
  • DNA Rubber
  • Approximate weight = 470g
  • MSRP = $49.95

The features of the Nano 40c Comp are:
  • Wire bead
  • Durable Casing
  • DNA Rubber
  • Approximate weight = 550g
  • MSRP = $31.95.

WTB also stressed to us that they wanted to thank Mike Varley of Black Mountain Cycles (and formerly of Haro Bicycles) in Point Reyes Station, California as well as Sean Walling (Soulcraft - Petaluma, California) for their invaluable input and insight into the design and creation of the WTB Nano 40c tire.