WTB Exposure 32C Tire

With a tire like this, you can enjoy big days with few boundaries.​

Enjoy taking the road less traveled? So do the folks at WTB. That's why their Exposure tires are designed to tackle any surface. At the tire's center is a slick patch that delivers minimal rolling resistance. As the tread transitions outward, it goes from slick to cross hatched to knobby. As tire size increases, this progression becomes more aggressive.

WTB Exposure 32C Tire

Smooth to knobby helps make this a super double duty tire option.​

WTB already offers 30mm and 34mm version of this tire. Now they've introduced a 32mm version. The tread pattern on this version resides between the more road-oriented 30mm version and the mixed-condition 34.

WTB Exposure 32C Tire

The WTB Exposure tire has a fast rolling center with outer knobs designed to grip in mixed conditions.​

At launch, it will be available in a supple casing with tubeless compatible TCS aramid bead. WTB claims pre-production samples weight 315g, but production weights may vary slightly. Price is $80.

For more info, visit www.wtb.com.