WTB Resolute

The Resolute is a voluminous tire that will fit most modern gravel and cyclocross bikes.​

What is it

WTB's Resolute was conceived to conquer gravel terrain, giving the rider a luxurious ride experience. Can there be a fast rolling, supple, eye-catching tire that also puts up with the rigors of gravel exploration? WTB has hit the mark with the Resolute tubeless, with its fast rolling compound, excellent traction, and decent mud shedding qualities.


  • Fast rolling
  • Brakes well in loose terrain
  • Tubeless compatible
  • Able to run low pressure
  • Round road-like profile
  • Good for singletrack riding, too


  • Low cornering knobs
  • Tan sidewalls not for everyone
  • Loss of traction in deep mud
  • 42mm width too big for some frames

RoadBikeReview's Take

In retro grouch voice, "In my day, gravel tires were 25mm road tires, or if you were lucky a 26x1.75 tire or a file tread off your cyclocross bike."

Not anymore. Now, we have tires specifically designed to put up with all the flavors of gravel road riding. You can knock it, but the design and research has paid off and gravel type tires are sending riders on longer rides and epic adventures across the country.

WTB Resolute

The WTB Resolute is designed to keep you rolling on all manner of gravel and crushed stone.​

Indeed, we don't think of gravel in the sense of wet and dry; we think of it in broad terms: small rocks, maybe some big stones, unpaved roads, and even dirt singletrack. To have a tire that excels in all these terrains is a tough task. Add long wear and puncture resistance and you have a very unique tire.

WTB Resolute

The sidewall is rust colored, or as I like to call it, freshly aqua sealed where threads are slightly visible.​

The WTB Resolute has a straightforward tread and pronounced tubeless bead. The sidewall is rust colored. A supple feel but sturdy, thick, tubeless sidewalls round out a tire made for gravel. WTB claims a weight of 460 grams. Our test pair came in at 450 grams and 465 grams respectively.

WTB tires are always easy to set up tubeless for me, and the Resolute was no different. No compressor, only a floor pump. I also set up these Resolute with WTB TCS tubeless sealant for an immersive WTB experience. TCS sealant uses nano-capsulation and a liquid that hardens upon puncture, creating a permanent plug that remains flexible and rubber-like. It's super easy to use.

WTB Resolute

WTB's FRL (Fast Rolling Light) compound moves the rider along, and lower pressures give a suspended feeling, while never bottoming out on big rocks and baby heads.​

The Resolute has a cushy feel, very close to the riding sensations of a WTB cross country race tires. Running lower pressure (near 40 psi) turns on the comfort mode but keeps rolling resistance minimal. I was curious about the center tread but when on a gravel path or pothole-riddled road, it becomes an ally. I noticed the center line of tread the most on steep gravel climbs and braking. On sections that I am used to slipping out, there was grip and no traction loss.

This traction carries over to sketchy loose gravel descents where other tires skid and have zero grip. The Resolute found traction and decelerated, perfectly matching the ability of our test bike's road hydro disc brakes. Where the Resolute showed its true ability was on long stretches of hard packed dirt paths and gravel. The FRL (Fast Rolling Light) compound definitely moves the rider along and lower pressures give a suspended feeling, never bottoming out on big rocks or baby head rocks. The voluminous nature of the Resolute gave me the ability to turn the pedals over fast and not coast through rough terrain, making for quicker and more consistent efforts.

WTB Resolute

Lower cornering knobs give the Resolute a round profile and a road tire feel.​

The Resolute is a voluminous tire, but will fit most modern gravel bikes. But some older cyclocross bikes will have rear clearance issues. The width of the Resolute also can be a hindrance in allowing clearing of mud and leaves when riding off road. That being said, the Resolute is a top performer on all gravel, sand, and hard packed roads.

Supreme puncture resistance is critical in gravel riding and I've yet to have a flat on this tire after many testing test miles. For those looking for a tire that will take them anywhere and then some, WTB's Resolute should be on your short list.

Rating: 4 out of 5
4 stars

Price: $68 (Available in 700x42 and 650x42)
More Info: www.wtb.com