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Some great resources here:

List of XXL XXXL Bikes for Tall Cyclists: 62, 63, 64cm+ | CyclingAbout

List of XXL Touring Bikes for Tall Cyclists: 62cm, 63cm, 64cm | CyclingAbout

CX-Gravel All City Macho Man 61cm (Steel): Reach 405mm / Stack 633mm
CX-Gravel All City Space Horse 61cm (Steel): Reach 403mm / Stack 636mm
CX-Gravel Cannondale SuperX 58cm (Carbon): Reach 405mm / Stack 607mm
CX-Gravel Canyon Inflite Series 2XL (Aluminium): Reach 410mm / Stack 628mm
CX-Gravel Cinelli Zydeco XXL (Aluminium): Reach Stack 409mm / 633mm
CX-Gravel Felt FX Series 63cm (Carbon or Aluminium): Reach 415mm / Stack 616mm
CX-Gravel Fuji Altamira CX 61cm (Carbon): Reach 401mm / Stack 620mm
CX-Gravel Giant TCX XL (Carbon or Aluminium): Reach 409mm / Stack 616mm
CX-Gravel GT Grade 60cm (Carbon or Aluminium): Reach 389mm / Stack 650mm
CX-Gravel Gunnar CrossHairs 68cm (Steel): Reach 403mm / Stack 691mm
CX-Gravel Kona Jake Series 63cm (Carbon or Aluminium): Reach 421mm / Stack 615mm
CX-Gravel Maxx Roadmaxx 3XL (Aluminium): Reach 434cm / Stack 663cm
CX-Gravel Niner BSB 9 62cm (Carbon): Reach 409mm / Stack 622mm
CX-Gravel Niner RLT 9 62cm (Aluminium): Reach 406mm / Stack 631mm
CX-Gravel Norco Threshold 61cm (Aluminium): Reach 393mm / Stack 624mm
CX-Gravel Norco Threshold 61cm (Carbon): Reach 405mm / Stack 607mm
CX-Gravel Ridley X-Ride 60cm (Aluminium): Reach 400mm / Stack 607mm
CX-Gravel Salsa Warbird 60cm (Ti or Aluminium): Reach 388mm / Stack 650mm
CX-Gravel Soma Double Cross 66cm (Steel): Reach 408mm / Stack 678mm
CX-Gravel Specialized Crux 61cm (Carbon): Reach 393mm / Stack 618mm
CX-Gravel Specialized Diverge 64cm (Carbon): Reach 409mm / Stack 657mm
CX-Gravel Stevens Namur 62cm (Aluminium): Reach Stack 411mm / 629mm
CX-Gravel Surly Straggler 64cm (Steel): Reach 432mm / Stack 640mm
CX-Gravel Trek Boone 61cm (Carbon): Reach 397mm / Stack 624mm
CX-Gravel Trek CrossRip 61cm (Carbon): Reach 410mm / Stack 630mm

Touring All City Space Horse 61cm: Reach 403mm / Stack 636mm
Touring Brodie Elan 60cm: Reach 375mm / Stack 641mm
Touring Cielo Tanner Goods 61cm: Reach 397mm / Stack 654mm
Touring Cinelli Bootleg Hobo XXL: Reach 387mm / Stack 619mm
Touring Columbus Rohre CrMo 65cm: Reach 402mm / Stack 658mm
Touring Co-Motion Pangea 62cm (26″): Reach 390mm / Stack 603mm
Touring Fuji Touring XXL: Reach 403mm / Stack 610mm
Touring Gunnar Grand Tour 68cm: Reach 392mm / Stack 707mm
Touring Id Worx All Rohler 64cm (Flat Bar): Reach 402mm / Stack 702mm
Touring Jamis Aurora 62cm: Reach 392mm / Stack 631mm
Touring KHS TR101 L: Reach 387mm / Stack 594mm
Touring Koga Randonneur 63cm (Flat Bar): Reach 372mm / Stack 607mm
Touring Kona Sutra 61cm: Reach 407mm / Stack 627mm
Touring KTM Life Lontano 60cm (Flat Bar): Reach 443mm / Stack 602mm
Touring MTB Cycletech XL: Reach 418mm / Stack 604mm
Touring Ridgeback Panorama 60cm: Reach 396mm / Stack 618mm
Touring Rocky Mountain Sherpa XXL: Reach 379mm / Stack 622mm
Touring Salsa Fargo XL: Reach 391mm / Stack 683mm
Touring Salsa Vaya 60cm: Reach 385mm / Stack 661mm
Touring Soma Saga 62cm: Reach 398mm / Stack 655mm
Touring Specialized AWOL XL: Reach 413mm / Stack 667mm
Touring Stevens Camino 23″ (Flat Bar): Reach 418mm / Stack 628mm
Touring Surly ECR XXL (Flat Bar): Reach 448mm / Stack 643mm
Touring Surly LHT 64cm: Reach 406mm / Stack 658mm
Touring Surly Straggler 64cm: Reach 432mm / Stack 641mm
Touring Surly Troll XL (26″ Flat Bar): Reach 446mm / Stack 603mm
Touring Thorn Nomad 620L 26″ (Flat Bar): Reach 448mm / 591mm
Touring Traitor Slot XL (Flat Bar): Reach 443mm / Stack 626mm
Touring Trek 520 60cm: Reach 392mm / Stack 625mm
Touring Van Nicholas Amazon 60cm (Flat Bar): Reach 406mm / Stack 648mm
Touring Velo Orange Campeur 63cm: Reach 420mm / Stack 633mm
Touring Vivente World Randonneur XXL (Flat Bar): Reach 431mm / Stack 619mm
Touring VSF FahrradManufaktur T-XXL 70cm (Flat Bar): Reach 437mm / Stack 658mm
Touring Wayward Nullabor 60cm: Reach 402mm / Stack 612mm

Endurance BMC GF Series 61cm (Carbon): Reach 406mm / Stack 621mm
Endurance Cannondale Synapse 63cm (Carbon or Aluminium): Reach 402mm / Stack 631mm
Endurance Canyon Endurance Series 3XL (Carbon): Reach 417mm / Stack 646mm
Endurance Colnago Master 65cm (Steel): Reach 407mm / Stack 615mm
Endurance Felt Z Series 61cm (Carbon or Aluminium): Reach 406mm / Stack 619mm
Endurance Focus Izalco Ergoride XXL (Carbon): Reach 394mm / Stack 637mm
Endurance Fuji Gran Fondo XL (Carbon): Reach 417mm / Stack 635mm
Endurance Giant Defy XL 61cm (Carbon or Aluminium): Reach 398mm / Stack 631mm
Endurance KHS Flite 747 64cm (Steel): Reach 432mm / Stack 628mm
Endurance KHS Flite 747 66cm (Steel): Reach 435mm / Stack 670mm
Endurance Kona Esatto 61cm (Aluminium): Reach 399mm / Stack 638mm
Endurance Kona Kapu 61cm (Steel): Reach 397mm / Stack 643mm
Endurance Raleigh Revenio 62cm (Carbon): Reach 399mm / Stack 633mm
Endurance Salsa Colossal 60cm (Steel): Reach 399mm / Stack 619mm
Endurance Scott CR1 61cm (Carbon): Reach 409mm / Stack 620mm
Endurance Scott Solace 61cm (Carbon): Reach 397mm / Stack 632mm
Endurance Soma Smoothie ES 66cm (Steel): Reach 412mm / Stack 655mm
Endurance Specialized Roubaix Pro Race 64cm (Carbon): Reach 409mm / Stack 656mm
Endurance Trek Domane Series 62cm (Carbon or Aluminium): Reach 386mm / Stack 656mm

Road All City Mr Pink 61cm (Steel): Reach 414mm / Stack 631mm
Road Basso Diamante 61cm (Carbon): Reach 397mm / Stack 614mm
Road BMC SLR01 61cm (Carbon): Reach 410mm / Stack 608mm
Road Cannondale CAAD8 63cm (Aluminium): Reach 401mm/ Stack 620mm
Road Cannondale Supersix 63cm (Carbon): Reach 399mm / Stack 620mm
Road Canyon Ultimate Series 3XL (Carbon or Aluminium): Reach 428mm / Stack 636mm
Road Cervelo R Series 61cm (Carbon): Reach 405mm / Stack 630mm
Road Cinelli Supercorsa 64cm (Steel): Reach 412mm / Stack 613mm
Road Colnago C60 60cm (Carbon): Reach 403mm / Stack 628mm
Road Cube Litening 64cm (Carbon): Reach 410mm / Stack 616mm
Road De Rosa R848 54cm (Carbon): Reach 400mm / Stack 620mm
Road Felt AR15 61cm (Aluminium): Reach 424mm / Stack 626mm
Road Felt F Series 61cm (Carbon or Aluminium): Reach 419mm / Stack 607mm
Road Focus Izalco XXL (Carbon): Reach 420mm / Stack 603mm
Road Giant Propel/TCR XL 61cm (Carbon or Aluminium): Reach 409mm / Stack 609mm
Road Gunnar Roadie 68cm (Steel): Reach 406mm / Stack 683mm
Road Kestrel Legend 62cm (Carbon): Reach 419mm / Stack 589mm
Road Koga Kimera 63cm (Carbon): Reach 417mm / Stack 613mm
Road Koga Kimera 66cm (Aluminium): Reach 423mm / Stack 638mm
Road Kona Zone Series 61cm (Carbon or Aluminium): Reach 413mm / Stack 609mm
Road KTM Strada 62cm (Aluminium): Reach 404mm / Stack 614mm
Road Kuota Korsa 62cm (Carbon): Reach 405mm / Stack 616mm
Road Masi Evoluzione 62cm (Carbon): Reach 414mm / Stack 607mm
Road Merida Reacto 59cm (Carbon): Reach 406mm / Stack 602mm
Road Motobecane Noir 64cm (Aluminium): Reach 400mm / Stack 659mm
Road Parlee Z Series XXXL (Carbon): Reach 406mm / Stack 649mm
Road Pinarello Dogma 62cm (Carbon): Reach 410mm / Stack 651mm
Road Raleigh Militis Series 62cm (Carbon or Aluminium): Reach 409mm / Stack 610mm
Road Ridley Helium 61cm (Carbon): Reach 405mm / Stack 625mm
Road Ritte Vlaanderen XXL (Carbon): Reach 414mm / Stack 610mm
Road Rose Pro SL 65cm (Aluminium): Reach 424mm / Stack 637mm
Road Rose Xeon 66cm (Carbon or Aluminium): Reach 419mm / Stack 637mm
Road Scott Foil 61cm (Carbon): Reach 403mm / Stack 608mm
Road Specialized Allez 61cm (Aluminium): Reach 408mm / Stack 631mm
Road Specialized Tarmac Expert 64cm (Carbon): Reach 415mm / Stack 636mm
Road Stevens Comet 62cm (Carbon): Reach 403mm / Stack 619mm
Road Storck Visioner 63cm (Aluminium): Reach 418mm / Stack 631mm
Road Surly Pacer 62cm (Steel): Reach 413mm / Stack 611mm
Road Trek 1.5 H2 64cm (Aluminium): Reach 401mm / Stack 654mm
Road Trek Emonda H1 62cm (Carbon): Reach 407mm / Stack 606mm
Road Trek Emonda H2 64cm (Carbon): Reach 401mm / Stack 654mm
Road Trek Madone H1 62cm (Carbon): Reach 413mm / Stack 606mm
Road Trek Madone H2 62cm (Carbon): Reach 398mm / Stack 634mm
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