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please search it and post it if you can, computer broke.

Landis is my hero. He admits using out of nowhere and now? Which sponsors dropped him? They should be encouraging him if they want to clean up cycling. Yahoo says he's banned. Was he banned for admitting? What a funny way to get banned? Who thinks he's lying now and is just trying to get them all? If he wasn't banned, then admitted, and then got banned...I just trust his motivies. I'm for Floyd. And he can really think on his feet so seems to say the girl from the inside page of cycling who wrote his book of innocence. His parents insisted she stay for dinner.

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i am but two people for Floyd in my peeperhole
7 cows i give for one man who can defend him thusly
the holy mother hath bestowed upon him gifts of power and strength, not drugeth be

for shame is the son of man who curseth brother floyd in his goodness!
i cast 3 witches upon thee...and one pespi cola.

all praise...

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Many think Floyd Landis is the scum of the Earth and here's why....

He accepted donations to fight the doping allegations in the court system.
The donations reached in the million dollar range. He lost anyways but still said he was innocent.
He raced with Ouch cycling after his 2 year ban. Many loved him.
He wrote a book with the Editor of Bicycling magazine maintaining his innocence.
Now, after the donations and the court battle...he decides to tell everyone that he doped.
He has crossed all the people that donated to his cause.
Now, many people believe that he is a liar and a thief.
Even so, there is an investigation that has been launched into Armstrong.
Landis has crossed so many people that he may never be able to work in cycling again.

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Here is the article + the great comments

Here is the article. Hard to believe.

By Chris Chase

The bicycle at a Kentucky yard sale had two flat tires, broken pedals and carried a $5 price tag. That didn't stop Greg Estes from buying the bike in hopes of flipping it for a small profit. He should get his wish, to the tune of a few thousand dollars.

It turns out the broken-down bicycle was originally owned by Floyd Landis, who rode it in a race in 2007. The bike was built especially for Landis, complete with custom pedals that look foreign to those unfamiliar with professional cycling (hence the original seller's belief that the pedals were broken). It retailed for $8,000.

Landis rode the bike in a mountain-bike race one year after winning the Tour de France. That title, of course, was later stripped after the American cyclist tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs. Landis is currently banned from the sport, but has stayed in the spotlight with his accusations against Lance Armstrong and other athletes.

Estes told the Owenton News-Herald that the bike was found abandoned on an interstate and nobody ever reported it lost or stolen. He says he'll return the bike if someone claims it. For now though, authorities say it belongs to him.

I can understand someone thinking the bike wasn't worth a few thousand dollars. After all, how many abandoned bikes are custom-built jobs for Tour de France winners? But five dollars? That seems a little low. If I were having a yard sale I'd have probably put a $5 tag on the bike's water bottle. Even if the bike were an actual piece of junk, wouldn't, say, $25 be a more appropriate asking price?

Anyway, just like he said, the Owenton, Ky., resident showcased his new bike at his own yard sale. Estes' asking price? Six-thousand dollars.

end of article

But the funny part are the comments to the article....

"That bike signifies Floyd's life right now, broken down and worthless. "

"Floyd's bike was found abandoned on the interstate. They should check further down the freeway. His dignity might also be laying unnoticed along with roadside debris."

"Yes, but as soon as you ride it you become a jeolous, hateful crybaby... and all of a sudden Greg Lemond won't stop calling you. "
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