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Here are the results of the YaleTown criterium on July 1 in Vancouver, BC.

Mens Cat. 1&2

1. Svein Tuft Symmetrics
2. Andrew Pinfold Symmetrics
3. Ryan Anderson Symmetrics

Womens Cat. 1,2&3

1. Gillian Moody Total Restoration Cycling
2. Heather Lamson Team Whistler
3. Lisa Howard Team Whistler

I tried to add some pics and hope they uploaded.

The mens cat 1&2 race was very intersting as Symmetrics got 4 of their guys into the 6 man break early on and it was pretty evident that they wanted to push it and blow the field apart. Svein Tuft was at the head of the break away group and just kept pushing harder and harder until it went from 6 to 4 and then to 3 as Pinfold held on as long as he could. It was a magor dislay of form and power from Svein Tuft as he just kept pushing by himself and managed to lap the entire field halfway through the race, awesome display of speed and determination by Tuft. I don't know if I have ever seen one guy dominate a crit like that before. Tuft will be Canada's hope in the Olympics and if his form holds on he should do well.

Gillian Moody ran a very smart race in the womens cat 1&2 and got out early in a two person break with Heather Lamson. They went the whole distance and Gillain had enough at the end to squeek it out.

It was fun watching all the Cats. and there was lots of hard racing to be seen. The turnout of fans was pretty good too. I think the fields could have been even been bigger in some cats. Great race in a great town. :thumbsup:
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