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I am considering an affordable full-carbon profile wheel set. I already have Dura Ace wheel sets so I do not see myself spending a lot for Zipp or Enve wheels.

I have been looking so far over the last months to Boyd and other mid-range brands.

However, the Yeoleos have also seriously catched my eyes, especially a set of SAT Pro C50/C38 with DT Swiss 240s hubs. The brand is Chinese but it looks very serious and the online reviews that I was able to find so far (not many) about product quality/performance and customer service are very good.

Although, I did not see anything about these wheels in Canadian, American or European cycling magazines/websites, I discovered this company through social medias where it is quite active and bikes forums on Asian/China carbon wheels. This is kind of refreshing.

Any advice would be appreciated, especially from actual users of these wheels.

Many thanks!
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