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Strained coccyx etc etc
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my seventeen miles
afternoon sunshine and wind
forty one degrees

eddy merckx elite
my choice bike for climbing fun
and nice to look at

tough getting out door
but once on the road, all good
except this sore knee

grind into the wind
pedaling downhill, working
then, sharp right-hander

next ten minutes, this:
climb, climb, coast, climb, climb, coast, grin
pass "that spot" on road

the place where my bud
spanish climbing sensation
spray-painted my name

downward on false flat
cyclist other direction
looked like TN2

turned around, chase down
caught top of hill. surprise:
him, not TN2

summer regular
new bike, zebra stripes, compact
"tired of dropped on hills"

left him to bike lust
continue ribbon of road
untie with cadence

right turn, now tailwind
flying, flat ground, twenty six
big engine plus breeze

bus approaching (rear)
packed with kids from school release
caught me end of straight

sharp left, right chicane
slightly downhill, speed limit:
15 mph

banked curve, bus passes
speedo says twenty seven
(now i'm in the draft)

middle school kids yell
hang heads out of bus windows
"hey! get off the road!"

better than last time
element'ry kids throw stuff
lucky me, they missed

lose bus draft on hill
this hill leads to overpass
crossing I40

onto gentle coast
what's that i see on shoulder?
blow-up doll, no air

right-hander, road strewn
gumballs from shedding trees
freshly paved tarmac

climb the "S", sitting
now thirty nine twenty three
lowest eddy gear

rolling curving lane
and beyond our weekly sprint
and through parking lot

interstate again
cut ride short to get back home
detour through n'hood

left right left right left
no time to get up to speed
hope there's no traffic

diving into turns
imagined criterium
not hood ornament

home again, eddy
thank you for the ride, my friend
faithful piece of art

later, before bed
out to shop to thank again
and stare. stare, and dream.
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